Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before operating the phone features. See PHONE SAFETY.


When more than two calls, e.g., a conference call, are active on the phone when connecting to the vehicle's phone system, the calls are maintained. However, a maximum of two call details are displayed. When more than two calls are in progress when connecting, any calls that are not active, i.e., on hold or incoming, are rejected.

Two calls can be taken on the same phone. Notification is given when a second call is received. When accepting a second call, the first call is automatically put on hold.

Alternatively, a second call can be dialed from the displayed screen options. From the screen options, select Add call and then Contacts to display the list of contacts. Select Keypad to enter the number.

When there are two separate calls, the hold icon changes to a swap icon. Touch the swap icon, or the contact's name or number, to swap between the current call and the call on hold. See PHONE SYSTEM ICONS.

Touch and hold the end call icon to end the current call and return to the remaining call. Touch the end call icon to end both calls.