Make sure you remove the smart key when leaving the vehicle. Removing the smart key from the vehicle prevents unsupervised operation of the windows, which may result in an injury.

To operate the windows:

  1. Window switches: Briefly pull a switch fully up, and release to close a window.Briefly press a switch fully down, and release to fully open a window. Pressing or pulling a switch again stops window movement. The windows operate for 5 minutes after the engine is switched off, as long as none of the doors are opened.Rear windows have a short drop feature for passenger comfort. The first press of a switch lowers the window a short distance to give a flow of air. A second press lowers the window to its full extent.If a resonance or booming sound occurs when a rear window is open, lowering an adjacent front window by approximately 1 inch (25 mm) eliminates the condition.
  2. Rear window and door isolator switch: Press the switch to isolate operation of the rear windows and doors. The indicator light in the switch illuminates to confirm isolation.

    If children are carried in the rear seats, the isolator switch should be used to prevent operation of the windows and doors. If the windows or doors are operated by young children there is a risk of serious injury or death.