Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before refueling the vehicle. See SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.

The fuel filler flap is located on the right side of the vehicle, at the rear. To operate, proceed as follows:

  1. Press and release the rear of the fuel filler flap to unlatch.
  2. Pull the flap open. The label on the inside of the flap indicates the correct fuel for the vehicle.
  3. Turn the cap counter-clockwise to undo.
  4. Use the securing hook to keep the filler cap out of the way while fuelling.

When replacing the cap, turn it clockwise until the ratchet clicks.

To close the filler flap, push the flap until it is securely latched.

In the event the fuel filler flap does not automatically unlatch, the flap can be manually released in order to gain access:

  1. Using two hands, apply a pulling force on the top and bottom surface of the flap. The flap may need to be partially prized open to do this.
  2. On the flap, pull the sealing sleeve back to expose the smaller tappet.
  3. Push the larger tappet in the smaller tappet ensuring to support the flap and hinge arm.

Following the reconnecting of the tappets, test the flap to ensure the push-push operation is functional.


Reattachment of the tappet is only possible once. Consult a retailer/authorized repairer to have the tappet replaced.


If the fuel filler flap cannot be manually released, consult a retailer/authorized repairer.