1.2 Register IO employee for use of the VM RMI System (G3344897)

If you are an Independent Operator Employee you can choose to register yourself as an IO Employee, you will need your Company ID (IOCID). Contact your Legal Representative who can supply your Company ID (IOCID), or create an Employee account on TOPIx on your behalf.

As a Legal Representative you can maintain your Employees account in your Employee Options Page, which can be found under your username at the top of the TOPIx Home Page.

How to register as an Employee

  1. From the TOPIx front page check your selected language and country is correct.
  2. Select 'Register with TOPIx'. You have the option to Register as an IO Employee.
  3. Enter your choice of username and password, for example your e-mail could also be used as your username.
  4. Confirm your preferred language and country in the registration screen is correct, it can be changed at this point in the main TOPIx menu at the top of the page.
  5. If you are registering as an IO Employee then ‘Company ID (IOCID)’ is mandatory. If you do not know your Company ID contact your Legal Representative who will supply this to you.
  6. TOPIx will issue a notification mail. To complete registration select the link in the e-mail and log into TOPIx.
  7. The registration of an Employee account in TOPIx by a Legal Representative will also trigger an e-mail notification to the IO employee. To complete registration select the link in the e-mail and log into TOPIx, creating your own password.