4.3 Navigate using product structure (G3344919)

To search you must be a registered user, logged into TOPIx. Select this link to Register as a new user in TOPIx

  1. Select TOPIx Home Page to open the vehicle search page.
  2. Enter a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Model Selection from the vehicle search page.
  3. From the OPTION SELECTION box select which activity you are going to perform from the list below:
    • Maintenance, PDI and OSH - the vehicle requires a service or a pre-delivery inspection.
    • Accessory and Configuration - the vehicle requires an accessory or configurable option.
    • Fault and Breakdown - there is a concern on the vehicle that needs rectification.
    • Browse all – to take a look around.
  4. Alternatively, to see the full list of information available select Browse all.
  5. Select Documents from the TOPIx main menu.
  6. The full list of information available for the vehicle in session is then listed by information type.