5.5 Maintenance schedule (G3344948)


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To search you must be a registered user, logged into TOPIx. Select this link to Register as a new user in TOPIx .

  1. Select TOPIx Home Page to open the vehicle search page.
  2. Enter a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Model Selection.
  3. From the OPTION SELECTION box select TOPIx Maintenance, PDI and OSH.
  4. Where the WORKFLOW box is available use the pull down menu to select Service, then press the Start button. Alternatively, check the Popular Content window and if offered select the checksheet, if not listed, enter checksheet in the SEARCH box.
  5. Complete the header information, and then select Submit to view the check sheet.
  6. The check sheet can be printed from this screen. To exit the document select the BACK arrow button. To create a service record select the OSH tab.
  7. If you are in WORKFLOW you will be offered to select Completed Step. After which you will be able to Reset the Service Message if connected to the vehicle. If you select continue you will then be able to Create a Service Record, by populating the fields and selecting the boxes corresponding to the completed work.

At any point you can exit from a workflow. By selecting the Resume button in the Workflow History, any TOPIx user within your business can pick back up from where you left off.

If you have a VIN in session you can select the following link TOPIx Maintenance, PDI and OSH