5.7 Accessories (G3344950)

Select the link Electronic Parts Catalogue

From here you can order individual parts and complete kits of accessories


First time users must complete a separate registration on the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) website to be able access this information.

A link to the JLR Electronic Parts Catalogue website can also be found in the TOPIx Links Page.

Accessory Fitting Instructions in TOPIx

To search Accessory Fitting Instructions you must be a registered user, logged into TOPIx. Select this link to Register as a new user in TOPIx .

  1. Select TOPIx Home Page to open the vehicle search page.
  2. Enter a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Model Selection from the vehicle search page.
  3. From the OPTION SELECTION box select Browse all.
  4. Select Documents from the TOPIx main menu.
  5. From the list select Accessory Fitting, if there is more than one option select the one you require.

If you have a VIN in session you can select the following link Accessory Fitting Instructions - Workshop Manual

Accessory Fitting Instructions Website

Land Rover Accessory Fitting Instructions

Jaguar Accessory Fitting Instructions