6.3 Integrated diagnostics (G3345251)

TOPIx Cloud Diagnostics covers Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) vehicles from 17MY for Discovery, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, and 18MY onwards for all other vehicles excluding XJ.

SDD covers earlier model / model years including XJ.

Module Programing


As a Module Programing user you will have access to the Module Programing files. For access to Key and Security Module Programing files you will have to follow the accreditation process.

Purchase a Module Programing subscription

  • From the options tab in TOPIx, scroll down to the subscriptions at the bottom of the page
  • Select Module Programing and the length of the subscription you require. The cost will be displayed
  • Select Next to see an order summary, and select Complete Order to continue. This will direct you to a secure payment site
  • Select Continue to make a payment and follow the online instructions. When completed you will be redirected back to TOPIx
Select here to Purchase a Programing Subscription

Download the software


You now have access to the Module Programing software. To download:

Navigate to the TOPIx Links Page , or

(Standardised Navigation/12 Download area).

  • For SDD select the link SDD Manual Software Download
  • A new user would need to download the full DVD
  • For TOPIx Cloud download the Diagnostic Device Agent (DDA) from the TOPIx Links Page / or (Standardised Navigation/12 Download area). allowing you to use TOPIx Cloud Diagnostics
  • When DDA is installed all updates are automatic
  • When the JLR approved diagnostic equipment is connect to a vehicle and DDA is started it synchronises with TOPIx to display vehicle data and all expected features and functions

Key and Security Module Programing


For access to Key and Security Module Programing, you must be approved with the European Trust Centre if available in your country. SERMI - Organisation responsible for the European Trust Center

For regions that do not have Trust Centre access, a manual accreditation process is available.

  • E-mail enquiries to the TOPIx Feedback Team . You will be sent application form and full instructions.
  • On receipt of the application and processing fee accreditation checks will be completed. This is re-validated every 2 years
  • If you are found to be in breach of the terms and conditions your subscription will be invalidated