8.1 Electronic maintenance history (G3450852)


To Access Online Service History (OSH) you must be a registered user with the OSH option selected, and logged into TOPIx.

Select this link to Register as a new user in TOPIx . In the registration fields you must select ONLINE SERVICE HISTORY (OSH) ACCESS tickbox.

Existing users can request OSH access by selecting the OSH ACCESS tick box in the user options page. Select Update User Options to edit your account details. You can also navigate to user options page by selecting Options at the top of the TOPIx Home Page under your username.

  1. When a Maintenance record is created in TOPIx selecting Continue will take you to the OSH where you can create a corresponding Online Service History Record.. (Standardised Navigation/5. Retrieve information packages). for instructions on how to create a service record in TOPIx.
  2. To add a new record select the spanner icon on the top-right of the service history section.
  3. Populate the fields and tick the boxes corresponding to the completed work.

Select here to link directly to TOPIx Maintenance, PDI and OSH.

Select the following link Online Service History (OSH) to access the OSH in TOPIx.